Who I am & what I do

Pablo Bertran

Web & Mobile Developer
Freelance web developer, specialized in WordPress, Laravel and Javascript web sites and web applications development. I’ve been working with internet for almost 10 years, and counting.

Also, I love to travel, play guitar, sing and have some beers with friends.


A showcase of my works


What I'm good at

After over 10 years of working with the web I’ve learned and mastered several technologies. This continuous learning process gave me the tools I need to satisfy all my client needs.

Mobile apps

Android and iOS mobile applicatios adjusted to your needs.


Social Media management, digital communication strategies, and more.


What does your business need to automate?


Search Engine Optimization. Rank better on Google!

Web design

Web design, WordPress sites, custom made websites.

Complex sollutions

We can work together the entire campaign for your business. Just name what you need!


That’s how I work

After years of working with all kind of clients, I found that establishing clear processes makes the difference in all aspects of my relationships with my clients.

Defining the problem

Let’s talk about your business needs and diagnose work’s dimension.

Conduct the research

A great number of projects require a preliminary research phase in order to analyze current project status, learn about the business, find better tools, approaches…

Basic skatches

Once we have the clearest picture, it’s time to make a functional specification document. A detail of what the final product should do and how.

Design & development

Now that we know what needs to be done, let’s get to it!

Final discussion

Test pre-release product, find weaknesses and fix them (If any ;-))

Product launch

Product release and follow up.


Let's start a project together!



Call me

+ 34 657 510 936

My location

Barcelona, Spain

Business time

Mon – Fri 10.00 – 19.00